forgot to inform council tax office when tennants moved out!

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  • forgot to inform council tax office when tennants moved out!

    Hi guys, I'm new here and could really do with some advice.

    I bought my first home earlier this year there were 2 tennants in it at the time. They were both international post grad students and due to them finishing their course a couple of months after the sale went through, I let them stay.

    After they moved out I discovered structural difficulties with the property, so was not able to move in myself. It didn't even occur to me to get in contact with council tax office, I thought they'd write me a letter addressed "to the occupant" and ask me to fill in my details.

    Unfortunatly the students didn't contact CTO either, so CTO began writing letters to the ex-tennants (which I was forwarding) demanding payment as they had finished their courses and were no longer exempt.

    I only realized what was going on when a letter arrived addressed to them, with the words "summons for non-payment" visable through the envalope!

    I called the local CTO this morning and explained when the tenants moved out. The man on the phone took my name and address and asked me to call back when I actually move into the property. I asked him if that was everything I needed to do, and he said "yes".

    Then I did a quick google search, and am now really worried. I only check the mail at the property every week, so don't know how old the summons are. Could I be held liable for court costs because I didn't update the counsel tax office?

    I'm not worried about the actual counsel tax itself (I will pay as/when they ask me), but am very worried about court fees and reposession fees on top! (I know how quickly these can spiral!)

    Any advice? >.<

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    Students are not liable for council tax.

    If you have spoken to a council tax person and set up payments or explained yourself then surely you have nothing to worry about. You can check how old the summons's are by looking at the date on them Doh!

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