Littering outside the property, advice please.

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    Littering outside the property, advice please.

    I own a flat I rent out in an old converted house, with the other two flats in the building both privately owned and lived in. Obviously I want to ensure my tenants and their actions cause no issue for those living there.

    I have two lads who are in the second month of a six month AST contract. They had a problem with there heating and when I attended with a heating engineer, I noticed a pile of cigarette butts and a cigarette packet in the gravel outside the main door. I text the lead tenant who said they'd had a party and he would clean them up.

    When visiting a relative who lives next door four days later I noticed they had still not been cleaned up, so I sent him a further text which he did not reply to.

    The next day he text to say the heating had gone again. As it was the weekend I said I'd call the heating engineer on Monday.

    I went to the property today and noticed he had still not picked up all the cigarette butts, so I sent him a further text asking why it hadn't been done after three texts to him, and over a week later

    He replied saying he'd been busy and had other priorities, and that he'd said he'd sort it, and he would. Now my knee jerk reaction is to say I'm pretty busy and I'll sort a heating engineer out when I can, or let me know when you've addressed the littering issue and I'll call the engineer then. Basically, I have adressed their issues and am annoyed they are showing a complete lack of respect to myself and the other two flat owners in causing unsightly littering which would take five to ten minutes to clean up.

    I'm guessing as this is a private frontage off the main street the council wouldn't be interested in fining them for discarding the butts.

    I am considering e-mailing them outling my displeasure and highlighting they are in breach of their contract under section 2.6. Or does that only relate to inside the property and not what is considered a communal frontage? By that it's just a large gravel area and not one that other people 'hang around'

    Thanks in advance for any answers or suggestions.

    My big issue is in showing respect to the other owners and not making the approach to the house unsightly and littered.

    I'd be grateful they do their smoking outside the flat. Should be easier to clean the inside.
    As a non-smoker, I dislike the debris caused by smoking, however it's small fry compared to the usual mattress and sofa problems which often go hand in hand with rental properties.
    The key issue is the condition of the property when they leave. Please stop communicating by text message. Renting a property is a business and should be conducted as such. If you ever need to take action against the litter, or any other issue, it needs to be backed up in writing. Write a letter outlining your concerns and possible remedies. Keep it professional, remind them of the clause in the agreement which stipulates litter and communal areas, then walk away for a while.
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      Hello James,

      I've been in similar situations. I've learnt to swallow my pride a bit and do it myself. You've been up there yourself 3 times and as you say it would only take 5-10 minutes. Tell them in person that you've done it this time but ask them to keep on top of it in the future.

      You've summed it up yourself with "My big issue". It's not really in the big scheme of things if this is just a one off- though I do get your point about respect.

      Many would look upon it as being a mug, I prefer to see it as leading by example .


        Maybe a small bin by the door will fix your big issue .


          I think (if the freeholder will permit) Lingy has the right idea.

          Apart from the cigarette ends, are there any other problems with the tenancy?


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