Cleaner's vandalism?

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  • Cleaner's vandalism?

    I've just been informed by lovely outgoing tenants that due to a dispute with the end of tenancy cleaner they chose to employ the floors (engineered wood & carpet) of the property have all been vandalised with acid. The cleaner was arrested.

    What would be the next step with regards to repairs, replacement & their deposit?

    They, obviously, are shocked & very upset.

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    If Police have sufficient proof it was 'he cleaner wot did it', then sue the cleaner for full repair / replacement. Even stronger if proesecuted and found Guilty. Or claim on buildings Ins and let Insurer sort it out, cleaner may have some liability Ins in place. Up to you to decide about T deposit, obviously cleaner was contracted by them.


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      would it be legal to hold the deposit until the cleaner has paid up? As the contract was between them and the cleaner I assume they are liable to you for the damages. What on earth had they done to this woman to deserve that - a very strange random act of vandalism...
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        Perhaps the cleaner was mentally unstable.
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          Unfortunate, it may be, but the cleaner is the responsibility of the tenant. In the same way that any authorised visitors are the responsibility of the tenant. If the cleaner acted irresponsibly, the tenant needs to take that up directly. You should not be penalised for it.
          It may be appropriate to work jointly with the tenant to support their claim.
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            Update for those interested...

            Turns out just carpets ruined thanks to tenant's quick action in clearing the, then unknown, spill.

            Police cautioned cleaner who spoke no English. Spoke also to the large English speaking company he worked for who promised the police their insurance would pay. Then they did nothing & refused to give details, & later claimed to only be a marketing company/booking agency/call centre for many cleaning companies.

            Tenant's insurance didn't cover malicious damage, & mine had excess for m.d far greater than value of carpets.

            Tenants & I amicably agreed to split cost for replacement carpet.

            We both decided it was not worth pursuing foreign cleaner or dodgy agency.

            The more we both chased & looked into the booking agency the worse they seemed. I now know at least 20 differently named cleaning companies I'd never use


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