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    Surely a Large Estate agents would know! But then again......


      Originally posted by Nutrance View Post
      Surely a Large Estate agents would know!
      Go and have a read of the "Lettings Agents Forum" for an education about lettings agents.


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      • Reply to Mandating Wifi
        by spicelord
        Nice idea on using a MIFI as it gets around the whole issue of needing access to their wifi in the first place to connect to the smart devices. But then some tenants may also want to get the alerts, which is fine as long as the MIFI device is locked down and can't be used to access the internet for...
        24-06-2021, 20:58 PM
      • Mandating Wifi
        by spicelord
        Hi all, sorry if this has been asked before. I'm renovating following a huge fire in the property and I'm additionally going to install Google Nest Smoke alarms to send a remote alert to my phone as well as ring an alarm for any occupants. Unfortunately this needs wifi which is the responsibility...
        24-06-2021, 01:40 AM
      • Reply to Roof Problems
        by Hudson01
        Given your LL appears to have employed total Muppets he should be moving you out until the job is done, his LL insurance should have cover for alternative accommodation.
        24-06-2021, 20:04 PM
      • Roof Problems
        by Gary_236
        Been a tenant in my flat for 7 years. Been a great tenant, always pay rent on time. No issues at all. I like the location, it's close to my friends, so everything is fine. The property is a house split into 4 flats. I am top floor flat. New landlord bought property last summer. I started to get a leak...
        24-06-2021, 18:17 PM
      • Reply to Should I tell my landlord?
        by Hudson01
        I have seen this exact situation in my job....... look to move, it will not be resolved. The flats i dealt with were purpose built so you would have expected the correct amount of sound separation, in your situation that will not even be there, you will go round in circles, have lots of stress and probably...
        24-06-2021, 19:49 PM
      • Should I tell my landlord?
        by Bee82
        Hi all, new to the forum! I’m just after some advice as to whether I should inform my landlord about a situation with my neighbours. Just for reference, I am renting a ground floor flat that was previously a house and is now two flats. As it’s an old building the walls are paper thin so it can get...
        24-06-2021, 18:02 PM
      • Reply to Should I tell my landlord?
        by Section20z
        Yeah, why not ? I would want to know about something impacting on my investment. I hope you reach some solution...
        24-06-2021, 18:32 PM
      • Reply to Tenant . log burner to replace open fire or electric night storage heater . Costs
        by patrick27
        No way I would replace or install a solid fuel appliance, way too dangerous and not environmentally friendly. Get some real nice ones on YouTube, that’s what I use at Christmas on TV…has everything…tree, gifts, fire even stockings. Just the job.
        24-06-2021, 17:52 PM
      • Tenant . log burner to replace open fire or electric night storage heater . Costs
        by AnthonyNorris
        Good afternoon.

        I have a tenant at a house for 5 years now and had the chimney outside stack removed in March this year. Prior to this it was an open fire.

        am I supposed to replace this with a log burner as it’s very costly for the installation, flue and liner and it’s...
        23-06-2021, 12:03 PM
      • Reply to Mandating Wifi
        by nukecad
        You can manually put them on different wifi chanels to prevent that.

        Modern routers can work that out for themselves and set to a less used channel if needed, may take them a week or so to monitor who is using what channels and adjust....
        24-06-2021, 16:44 PM