Unfair end of tenancy charges

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    Unfair end of tenancy charges

    After staying for 2 years I recently moved out of rented flat. A week later I moved out, I happened to see scary email from my letting agent.
    When I checked out of the property I made sure the property is clean enough for next tenant to occupy ( professionally cleaned it).
    Certain stains and marks are bound to occur with usage and item's age as every thing is not immutable. But the charges what letting agents are asking are unbelievable.

    Here I have detailed report.
    1. The property was not professionally cleaned so a further carge applies - 120 pounds
      [I got the property professionaally cleaned, so this is incorrect]
    2. Burn marks to work surface,replacement charge - 500 pounds (replacement)
      [Few of the marks were there already or very minor, which does not need a full replacement]
    3. Heavy grease marking and discolouration to painted section below extractor hood - 100 pounds
      [This is bound to happen in kitchen. I have left it as I got it in the first place]
    4. Damage and marking to dining table -75 pounds
      [Table is worth 50 pounds I guess and after 2 year usage I say there are few marks]
    5. General wear, heavier to traffic areas. FW&T. Foot soiling to traffic areas, tide
      marks at door thresholds and several spot marks - 400 pounds
      [General wear and tear and prefessional carpet cleaning will make it new . I dont this it required replacement]
    6. Grubby marks to window frame - 30 pounds
      [general cleaning should remove it]
    7. Dirt to armchair and sofa - 40 pounds
    8. The hallway carpet was left in extremely poor order - 300 pounds
      This is due to leakage from some other property. Ihave some email proof for this. I will handle it]
    9. Chips to tile close to Bath -30 pounds
    10. End strip of laminate has come off. - 35 pounds

    [Above two are normal wear and tear problems]

    Apart from that, they have mentioned some missing item from the property which I am happy to pay for those

    According to me: Though it was cleaned, normally it would get dirty as we were using it for 2 years. Most of the above points fall under wear and tear category which can be cleaned and repaired with minimal charges. All carpets what asked for replacement are still not in a condition to be replaced.

    One thing I don’t understand. They have already deducted 120 for professional cleaning then they I have added extra charges for other cleaning stuff.(sofa,wall)

    Now I am not sure how to approach and tackle agency and ask to wave of all these charges. I want approach them strong legal points

    Any input would really be appreciated


    Just note you cannot be made to have the property "professionally cleaned" even if it says so in the tenancy agreement. Your only obligation is to return it to the landlord in a good and clean condition less wear and tear.

    Refer to the original inventory for details of marks etc., and if you don't agree with the findings, you can dispute it through the adjudication process with the scheme in which your deposit is held.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


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      Credit ref checks are only required for signatory Ts or Guarantor, but as LL I would credit ref anyone wishing to reside in my property. Explain to LL/LA in writng (dated) that you apply as sole T, but you wish your named partner/bf as permtted occupier. LL can reject your T applicaiion.
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      Thanks for all of the great answers guys.

      red hitman, I will send a letter first class recorded tomorrow stating that the rent is now a week over due.

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      So to cut the long story short;

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      That seems poorly worded.

      The tenant can't agree to use the deposit for rent "in any way or at any time", that TA specifically states that he can't.

      That doesn't mean that you can't claim unpaid rent against the deposit, just that the tenant can't agree to it....
      21-01-2018, 23:23 PM
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      Than can refuse or not for whatever (legal) reason they like.

      CCJs are not binary things. As a landlord I would want the FULL details of what exactly the CCJ was about, with evidence.

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      Depends on why you served the section 21.

      Are they in breach of the tenancy agreement?

      If you are selling up, why didn't you give a lot more amicable notice?

      If you just woke up one morning and decided to serve it on a whim I would be very interested....
      21-01-2018, 20:18 PM