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    I have a similar situation, and I do not know what to do. When my lodger moved in at the end of Jan 2011, I typed a letter, clearly stating rent amount when due, and 1 month notice periods from either party etc, we both signed a copy and kept one each.

    I told her that I wanted to sell my house, and had it on the market for 6 months, she was cool with this. In Aug I took it off the market however in Nov, I got a buyer, house not on market as such. Didn't inform her as negotations in progress, she found out due to sold board. She has now moved out without giving notice,and while I was away, so I was unaware until my return, she owes me 1 months rent which she has refused to pay it because she feel it is acceptable to do what she has done, because I didn't inform her that I was putting my house on the market. She is now talking with her solicitor does she have any rights? DO I ?

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    The lodger is wrong that your failing to tell her anything gave her carte-blanche to up and go. If you were to sue, you can prove the agreement and a judge should agree that she owes you rent in lieu of notice.

    Nobody talks with 'their solicitor' about such things, she's pulling your leg.

    HOWEVER, is it worth the hassle - if you were in the lodgers situation would you want to delay finding a new home if your current one was about to be whisked away at some undetermined date?


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      Lodger owes money

      I understand, what you are saying about wanting to find a new home. However, I stated that it would take about 12 weeks to complete and at thta stage I haven't even found a house. I would have given her notice at the end of Dec. she has moved in with her mother.

      I feel she is underhand and out of order. She can be vindictive.
      So would you say I have a case to sue her.


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        I think you have a case.

        I am not sure how you stated that it would take about 12 weeks as it seems you were away when the 'sold' board went up, presumably uncontactable for a 'worried' lodger.

        I see that as a possible issue - will the judge consider it was reasonable for the lodger to break her contract?


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          I agree you may have a case, but would question whether it is really worth the hassle to recover 1 month's rent. You will have enough to worry about in finalising your sale and buying somewhere new to live yourself.

          Perhaps it is better that she has moved out willingly, than have her refusing to budge when your sale goes through, and causing you grief that way!

          Did you take any form of deposit when she moved in? Would that cover your missing rent?


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