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    No central heating or hot water

    My central-heating/hot-water combi-boiler stopped working last Thursday evening. I emailed the letting agent straight away, giving times I would be available to provide access, expecting the problem to be resolved the following day. I had further communication by email and phone on Friday, the outcome of which is:
    • the landlord have posted a cheque to Gloworm (boiler manufacturer)
    • when Gloworm have received that cheque AND it has cleared
    • I will be contacted by Gloworm to make an appointment for their engineer to visit

    In the mean time I am left with no central heating (although the letting agents have provided two electric heaters) and no hot water.

    I have just spoken to the letting agents again who say there is nothing more they can do, but if I'm not happy I can write to them and they will forward my letter to the landlord.

    My landlord is some sort of family trust created, as I understand it, by someone's will. It is managed by a London law firm.

    The other issue is that I had already received Section 21 Notice, and I am wondering if their slowness in dealing with this matter is to encourage me to move out.

    My questions are:
    1. what is a reasonable timescale in which a landlord should resolve such a problem?
    2. what else can I do to get things happening?
    3. is it too early to involve the local authority officer responsible for private sector housing?

    Thank you in anticipation for any responses.

    A reply next day & 2 elec heaters already provided..something of a record. Sounds like combi is still under Warranty or service Contract. No harm in contacting Gloworm yourself to speed things up.
    An owner occupier would have similar timescale to get heating engineer out within 2 days. You could engage local reputable Gas Safe c/h engineer for 30 min callout, at own expense. It may be something simple like a switch or valve in wrong position, low water pressure etc. I assume you have a gas hob or elec kettle to provide hot water for washing. s21 is not a threat. Unless you have young children or elerly/vulnerable person then yes it is too early to get LHA involved. In first instance they will only write to LL with a timescale for repair.
    Reasonable timescale, even with LHA involved ... inspection within 1-3 working days, if part is required it is then upto heating eng to source & fit.


      So many stories like this and not in poor wether either which might have explained the delay in getting a gas engineer to call out. Service contracts are ok but no match for finding an organised local & reliable gas contractor.


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