Tenants have not paid rent!

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    I still will not receive rent from them.....I don't think they will leave that easily! They are threatening me with legal action! Should I issue anotice to them?


      Yes. Write to the guarantors demand that they fulfil their promises, sue the pants off all of them.

      Issue whatever notice you need to S8 and S21, then follow them through as soon as you legally can.

      Give them 24hrs notice that you need to inspect, do it in writing, if they refuse to let you then get that in writing as well and save all the letters/emails/texts/ what have you against the inevitable bleating that you are not doing anything.
      I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


        Originally posted by grouse View Post

        Is the rent due weekly, monthly, termly or quarterly? It makes a difference
        I'll ask again,

        also is the property in England or Wales.

        S21 may not be an option as it can't be used before the end of the fixed term, which in the case of a student let will be sometime in July. No harm in issuing one though even if just to use as a back up.


          Originally posted by jta View Post
          Write to the guarantors demand that they fulfil their promises, sue the pants off all of them.
          There are no guarantors.


            Originally posted by claire53 View Post
            Hi...no I do not have guarantors....took a deposit which is protected. Have had the windows made but have stalled any further repairs due to cash flow! windows did not really need replacing.
            Have received a letter from them today stating they are in"considerable discomfort" and are withholding rent until I do further repairs...stating that the repairs have not done the job. Calling the "builders" incompetent!
            I have not called at the property because of their attitude to "being disturbed"
            They have now said that they will leave if they do not hear from me and expect their deposit returned!
            Shall I still go ahead with issueing notice?
            Hello again Claire,

            Issue notices now.

            Do not accept their word they will leave unless it is a written notice of surrender and they have left the property and returned the keys.

            Fully disturb them going about your legitimate business, preferably face to face and individually. Let them know that you are not a soft touch and will be pursuing them for every penny, however long it takes- all within the the law of course.

            How are they sending you letters on a Sunday?

            jta, there are no guarantors.
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              I was delivered a letter to my home address. It was received by my son.

              I will deliver a breach of contract letter to them tomorrow, along with an S8 form. can only deliver to 2 of them as one paid his rent last month but has witheld this month , but will send him a letter asking him to comply...he has definately been swayed by the others!!

              They are now asking me to pay for a playstation which they say has been damaged by water!! It's getting ridiculous....and considering I have not had any previous problems...where are they coming fom now....considering I have made remedial repairs?


                To make a point, you can serve a section 8 under grounds 10 & 11 to the one who is only one month unpaid.

                Please verify that your tenancy agreements state you can use ground 8? If not, you will have to use 10 & 11 for all 3.


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