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  • Tenants small overpayments

    I've had some tenants for a while - 3 sharers.

    The rent is paid monthly by x3 standing orders and is always on time. They pay slightly different amounts out of choice due to size of rooms. Oddly they've always overpaid (between them) by a total of £4 per month. I never got round to mentioning it as its such a trifling amount!

    However, having recently increased the rent a tad, they have each upped their SO, but the total is again showing an overpayment of £4!

    Is this just a simple mistake or am I missing some kind of clever ploy? (I don't know - some kind of legal loophole that benefits them at a later stage?)

    I'm going to (finally) bring it to their attention, but I just wondered if anyone had come across it before.
    IANAL (I am not a lawyer). Anything I say here is just an opinion, so should not be relied upon! Always check your facts with a professional who really knows their onions.

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    I can't see any ulterior motive or loophole, I just hope they're not maths or statistics students. If you let them know before the December rent payment then 1 months reduced rent will (I am sure) be much appreciated.


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      I'm assuming you are posting this for a laugh
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      I'm surprised that you are even asking, it's obviously some kind of scam.

      At the very least phishing for your personal contact details.

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    • Reply to Burglary Damage - Who Pays?
      John Duff
      Following on from my last post, had the tenant not informed the police and landlord at the time, they would have failed in their duty. I therefore would expect the tenant to foot the bill at the end of the tenancy or sooner.
      27-07-2017, 13:45 PM
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      John Duff
      Criminal damage not connected with the tenant occurred during the tenancy and was reported as such at the time. It is not the case that the tenant caused or was responsible for loss of value beyond wear and tear.

      I'm just stating my view which appears to be backed up from sources other...
      27-07-2017, 13:15 PM
    • Reply to Burglary Damage - Who Pays?
      If the tenancy ended and the lock was broken, it would be a loss in value beyond fair wear and tear and I'd expect the tenant to compensate the landlord for it.
      Same as any other damage.

      What's different about it during the tenancy?
      27-07-2017, 13:03 PM
    • Reply to Burglary Damage - Who Pays?
      John Duff
      Yes, they have a duty of care but not the same responsibilities as a lease/freeholder.

      If I was the tenant, I'd refuse to pay. This is assuming I hadn't been grossly negligent and had reported the damage at the earliest opportunity to both the police and the landlord. I would expect a TDS...
      27-07-2017, 12:55 PM