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    Valid notice

    I sent my landlord an email serving 1 months notice, saying also that there was a possibility I may wish to extend by a month if there was a delay in my next move, I had no objections. About a week later, at the property I told the LL I was definately moving out, whilst he was visiting with two potentional tennants for two other rooms, he showed them mine and said it was available end may, I said it was end of April, which he acknowledge and I considered this to be a valid acceptance of notice to leave. I served no further written notice since the initial notice was applicable.

    As a result of my LL withholding my former flatmates deposit unreasonably for 2 months, followed by a deduction of about Ā£100 for a missing painting, which he knew nothing of. I decided to withhold my deposit.

    I moved out and returned the keys to the remaining flatmates, everything in fine working order and the same condition as I found it. The LL wrote to me today stating that he has only now found out that I have moved after speaking to a remaining tennant. He is claiming rent for April, May and June. Saying that notice is accepted from today. If I pay the April rent he will keep my deposit. He says he will take me to court for May and June's rent.
    Do I have a case?

    You don't need a case, he does. Let him take you to court...



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