Damaged carpet / wear & tear?

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    Damaged carpet / wear & tear?

    Hi All,

    I've a tenant moving out tomorrow. They have been a good tenant mostly and have been in the property 3yrs. I noticed when we went to show new tenants around a section of the living room carpet was frayed to the point that the carpet is non existent. The carpet was new when we lived in the property so was only 18 months old when they moved in. I've lived in my property for 4 yrs with cheaper carpet than is in the rental property so I can't accept that it's 'wear and tear' as my cheaper carpet is not damage.

    Where do we stand on this? I feel the room will need to have the carpet replaced as I can't see a patch section being an option. Is it fair for me to charge for the replacement and at what % of the cost should I charge them based on the age of the carpet?


    I wouldn't call frayed carpet damage. I would be looking to the retailer/manufacturers as to why it's not lasted as it should. Was a cheaper underlay used ?
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      Rule of thumb is five year life for carpets, so you can ask for 10% of replacement cost.


        I'd agree with JK0, if it was £35sqm Axminster it may be a different story.

        In reality the cost of replacing a carpet which was second hand when they moved in is miniscule when compared with the £20k(?) they've paid in rent over the last 3 years.


          Tenants don't pay rent to be curators of carpet; they pay rent to use it and walk on it :-). So the comparison with you caring for your own carpet is perhaps a little optimistic.

          You've probably had a good innings from it unless it is exceptional, so it's a wear and tear item to absorb into the overall expenses,

          But given the low prices of "basic plus one", you may only be looking at a couple or three weeks' rent.

          What about laminate if it is a heavily trafficked area?

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