My tenant has become pregnant- should I serve Notice?

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    My tenant has become pregnant- should I serve Notice?

    I have been informed by one of my tenants that she is pregnant. The house is a 5 bedroomed HMO. Own bedroom and shared facilities. She is 2 months into 6 month tenancy and tells me that she is due soon. How soon she will not say.

    My concerns are thus.

    The room is not suitable for two people. I do not feel it is fair or appropriate for the other tenants to be subjected to a noisy baby, if thats what it turns out to be. I don't feel that the house is even suitable for a baby to live in.

    What should I do? Should I do anything at all?

    I look forward to any comments or views that other members may have.

    Sounds to me like a case for serving a section 21 notice so that she will have to leave as soon as the fixed period of her tenancy agreement ends.

    Any information given in this post is based on my personal experience as a landlord, what I have learned from this and other boards and elsewhere. It is not to be relied on. Definitive advice is only available from a Solicitor or other appropriately qualified person.


      One should not rely on hearsay information to determine a course of action.

      If however she is indeed pregnant she may make an application for rehousing alleging unsatisfactory housing conditions. It is possible that some enforcement or welfare office will suggest, request or demand improvements!

      If the Section 21 notice is issued after you receive any requests or demands for improvements the reasons for your notice to vacate the property might could be regarded as associated with the required to do work - this is not good news!!!

      The Section 21 notice and a subsequent Possession Notice by the Court will probably be needed by the Housing Authority before they take steps towards rehousing.

      I would certainly issue the S21 immediately - it's quite routine with some landlords. It will avoid the unpleasantness of issuing the notice if and when she become obviously pregnant!!! You don't have to enforce the notice if the information you have been given by the other tenant is incorrect.
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      Without Plain English Codes of Practice and easy to complete Prescribed Forms the current law is too complex and is thus neither fair to good tenants nor good landlords.


        Is she on benefits? How old is she? If she is under 25, she will only be entitled to enough HB for a single room until the baby is born, then she'd be entitled to a 2-bed property so might be happy to leave.


          Thanks for the replies.

          Section 21 issued after start of tenancy.

          She is actually a mature foreign student studying over here. As such I don't believe she is entitled to benefits. I don't think there will be a problem with her leaving at the end of the tenancy.

          I do have some concerns about the period between birth and her leaving.


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