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    Compensation issue

    Hi all,

    I hope I can find some advice on how to proceed best.

    I rented a small house with my two children (6 and 4) for the past two years. The house was in a bad state in general, rotten window frames, no ventilation in the bathroom, an internal door as backdoor etc.

    It was rented through an agency, before we moved in the two rooms dowstairs were painted and carpet was put in the bedrooms.

    During the tenancy, four wall units in the kitchen and the extractor fan fell of the wall, they had been glued together and were not properly attached. If someone would have been in there - a narrow galley kitchen - they would have been seriously injured. Everything in the cupboards was broken and I had to replace it myself. I still have this damage documented, we also couldnt use the kitchen for several days as the hob had been broken as well. We also had to clear everything up ourselves and first had to store the cupboards for reuse and then dispose of them for the landlord.

    There are two iron marks on the bedroom carpets, from my children getting hold of the iron - only noticable as they are by the door and the carpets are otherwise very clean and completely useable.

    There are also blue tack marks in both rooms downstairs.

    We are now expected to pay towards a future exchange of the carpets and towards painting the rooms again.

    I dont have an issue with paying some compentation, but the landlord is only available via email for the agency so it is all going very slow. How much should I offer? I never received and signed an inventory I only have an emailed version from just before we moved out. It says on there the carpets are new and the rooms downstairs have been painted.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Did you pay a deposit? One option is too paint it yourself and get new carpets for the relevent room/s - probably be much cheaper.

    The paint could be put down to wear and tear since you have been there a while


      Yes I paid a deposit it is secured. We already moved out and new tenants are moving in on Saturday.


        Apply for the deposit back and maybe arbitration...the depsoit holding company will decide


          I thought arbitration is only useful when it is about latge sums of money, eg over 5k?

          The landlord has so far not gotten back to the agency about my first proposal and the ten days of negotiation after moving out before a tribunal can be addressed are up today. As I said he is only available via email for the agents; originally we were told to "make good" in the two downstairs room by the agent which we have done by going over marks with the original paint and not to worry about the carpet as it was within normal domestic use for tenants with children. None of this has been in writing however.

          I have to add, the final inspection has already been done as well, the only things recorded by the estate agent during that where the meter readings and our new address.


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