3 section 21's posted. Proof of posting is all thats needed?

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    3 section 21's posted. Proof of posting is all thats needed?

    I issued 3 section 21s to the same tenant all with 29/9/11 as notice date. Expiry date 29th

    1 posted in normal post box with witness statement.date of posting 26/9/11
    2nd posted via post office with receipt of proof of posting. DATE OF POSTING 26/9/11
    3rd posted by a friend who live near my rental property has filled in form saying that he posted it. This was posted through letter box of propery at 7pm on 29th September. After reading section 21 guidlines any post after 4:30 is classified as being posted the following day.

    I am now in the process of filling the form in and I am tempted to not mention the notice that was posted through propery by my friend as the court might then say that dates differ and might go against me.

    My understanding as long as I posted the notice 1st Class with proof of posting. Plus one other notice posted via post box with witness. This would be enough.
    Many thanks

    Is the tenancy within the fixed term or periodic? You say expiry date of the 29th. Do you mean after the 28th or after the 29th? I also assume you mean November in the expiry date! If the latter is the case (ie after 29th November) then the 3rd method would also be acceptable.

    Normally I recommend two posted from different post offices with proof of postage. Bit of a faff but easily accepted.
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      Yes the 3rd would be acceptable but the court would only look at this notice being served on the 30th ( ie posted after 4:30 on 29th)so the two previous notices would be cancelled out by the 3rd? Is it better to leave the 3rd one out?

      Alternativley apply to the courts on the 1st Dec so all 3 are valid? I hope I am making myself clear. As it was my friend who posted it through the letterbox with no witnesses.



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