Can I claim for my time when pursuing a small claims against ex tenant.

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    Can I claim for my time when pursuing a small claims against ex tenant.

    Dear Forum,

    I have been trying for 2 years to recover monies from a pair of fraudsters, but now forced to start a new form (N1) as the tenants are using new names.

    Bailiffs, both county and high court, third party debt orders, oral examinations have all been a complete waste of time at present as the ex tenants simply show false id.

    I have tried to get an the original order changed, as the pair used false names for the tenancy and also opened numerous bank accounts at my property, with HSBC now chasing them.

    The time factor has been huge, and I wish to add costs for my time to the new claim, has anyone been able to do this.

    The couple have assets, cars etc, but its impossible to obtain whats owed when there showing false information to the bailiffs.


    The beauty of 'small claims' is that you can not (except in exceptional circumstances) be made liable for your opponents legal costs - and that would include your own time at the 'Litigant in Person Rate' (£9.25 ph iirc).

    In this instance, you may want to include in your claim a request that a claim for costs be considered under Rule 27.14(2)(g) of the Civil Procedure Rules based on the defendants unreasonable behaviour.


      Thank you Snorkerz


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