Anyone Help a n5b Virgin Fill in My First n5b Form?

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    The 'prescribed information' seems to be a bit of an orphan.

    It is a requirement of the legislation, but doesn't seem to form part of the s21 claim process. I would guess it's only an issue if the tenant raises it.

    If you want to be ultra cautious - perhaps include a further note in the 'notes section'.

    I find the courts requirement for 3 copies of the evidence puzzling - after all, one of the n5b's will be sent back to you duly stamped - I am guessing you won't be wanting proof that the landlord can prove his/her statements . However, best do what they say incase the person who processes your paperwork is feeling funny.


      Thanks once again for all your help Snorkerz - you deserve a medal for your patience alone!

      Noted about prescribed inf.

      To be honest, the lady from the court who answered the phone barely listened to my question, and she had almost answered before I had chance to spit it out! But it does seems daft as you say for them to return it all back to me - no wonder they charge £175 - its all in postage and admin!! Likewise the tenant has the s21, the ast, and notification from the dps plus prescribed inf already.

      Noticed there are a few discrepancies on my ast (prepared by letting agent) such as they have missed of the word 'road' off my address - will this matter or am I being paranoid


        The AST errors shouldn't be a problem unless they cause uncertainty.

        For instance, if you live at 3 Lilac Road, and round the corner (with the same postcode) there is 3 Lilac Avenue then "3 Lilac" is no use to anyone.


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