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    Asbestos - blighted properties

    The November LandlordZONE Newsletter has an article on page 2 about Asbestos Managment and the Duty to Manage

    Various links are provided including an extremely useful one to Health and Safety Executive - Short Guide to Managing Asbestos in Premises

    The Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) are set out in the HSE booklet and the one that may be of most interest to landlords would appear to be Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB) that is described as a High Risk Material.

    It seems to me, and I stand to be corrected, that provided they are identified within the building (maybe entered in a property logbook) and the surfaces are intact and well protected with paint then there is no need to take action to replace AIB.

    There is an obvious need to let tenant's know what action to take in the event of the panels being accidentally damaged.

    The problem is that people generally are frightened as soon as the word asbestos is mentioned! The presence of AIB firedoors needed for orginal Building Regulation approvals or for Houses in Multiple Occupation could well put off some tenants or prospective purchasers of a property.

    The cost of non ACM firedoors will be very expensive for landlords or owner occupiers and due to the number of ACM firedoors in the Country I don't see the Government will be forthcoming with grant aid.

    Is it best to take action now and incur expense to remove the blight on a property? At some time in the future the AIB will deteriorate and require replacement and maybe disposal and replacement cost will by then have increased substantially more than inflation.

    See also previous thread on Asbestos cement fire door panels - wilful damage

    Our fire doors seem to be a more brittle cement like panel than the AIB shown in the HSE booklet
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