Advice about compensation due to repairs

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    Advice about compensation due to repairs


    I live in a student flat with 4 friends. We have a single bathroom which contains 1 sink, 1 toilet and a bath with a shower head.

    Recently, the flat below had a leak, coming from our bathroom. We were told that someone would be round to look at it. 2 weeks later, a plumber turns up and starts ripping out the bath / shower combo. He tells us that we will be without a shower for 3 days. The next day he starts taking out all the tiles on the wall, the floor and removing the ceiling panels. It is very clear that it will take longer than 3 days, and the plumber says he is behind schedule.

    We are without a shower, and the sink has been disconnected too. We have to use the neighbours shower next door.

    I have spoken to the property agents who act on behalf of the landlord about compensation, they said it has to be repaired and if it is not, then it will cause major problems downstairs. I accept it has to be done.

    What are my rights? How much can I claim back?


    There are no 'right's about compensation in these situations. A repair has to to done and it seems that the plumber is trying his best to get on with it. Try asking when it is likely to be finished but money back is not an option at this stage I think.

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      Seems that in effect the flat currently has no bathroom, just a toilet, for 4 residents.
      I'm wondering at which point it'd be reasonable to claim that it is not fit for habitation.


        Thanks for the replies. Just to clarify, there is myself and 4 friends, so 5 people living in a flat with no shower or bath.


          I presume there is a handbasin still coonected and a kitchen sink. Also amenable neighbour with a shower.
          jtl pres there was only ever one toilet for 4-5 people, so how would temp loss of bath make property unfit for hh? Anything in HMO rules?


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