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    help filling section 8

    Dear All,
    I appreciate help filling section 8,
    I have a tenant who has moved to my let property three month ago, has not paid the rent for the last 2 months, sublet the property to council tenants, provided them with tenancy contract acting as a landlord and they damaged the property. I need to serve himsection 8 notice. Can some help with felling section 8 please? I appreciate a template or draft.

    Does the tenant still live at the property?

    Do you have any specific questions?

    Please tell us if the tenancy contract forbids subletting (give the exact words)
    Please also tell us if the tenancy says that breaching that term can result in eviction.


      Many thanks for the speedy reply
      He still lives in the property with another two lads who he helped to fill housing benefit forms acting as a landlord. I came to know about it from the local who contacted me as he is under froud investigation.
      the tenancy contract forbids subletting and the the exact words are
      ” Not assign, underlet or part with or share possession of the whole or any part of the Property without the permission of the Landlord, such permission not to be unreasonably withheld.”

      He also broke the following
      • Not permit any waste, injury or damage to the Property, or make any alteration or addition to the Property or the style or colour of the decorations.

      • Keep the Property including all of the Landlord’s machinery and equipment clean and tidy and in good and tenantable condition, repair and decorative order, (reasonable wear and tear, items which the Landlord is responsible to maintain, and damage for which the Landlord has agreed to insure, accepted
      • Use the property in a tenant – like manner


        Your tenant is the landlord for thee two new people - they are his lodgers (don't use the term 'tenants' because they are not and that may confuse the issue).

        You would seem to be able to issue a section 8 notice under grounds 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13. If furniture has been damaged, you could add ground 15.

        Grounds 10 to 15 are 'discretionary grounds', which means a judge will have to decide if the breaches are sufficient to make the tenant homeless.

        Ground 8 is mandatory - the judge has to grant possession - but only if there is still 2 months rent unpaid when it gets to court. If tenant gets it even a penny under 2 months, then ground 8 fails.

        If you have specific questions, the forum members will (I am sure) be happy to help, or if you are not confident doing it yourself, there are several companies advertising on this site who will do it for you - I would suggest you compare prices.

        This link may help:


          Dear Snorkerz,
          Many thanks for your help. I have downloaded section 8, however, it would be very helpful if I can get a template or a filled sample so I can use as a guide.


            Originally posted by Maysani View Post
            it would be very helpful if I can get a template or a filled sample so I can use as a guide.
            Google is your friend.



              Dear all,
              many thanks for your help.


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