Deposit issue after left the property

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    Deposit issue after left the property


    I stayed for 14 months and left the property recently. My landlord was happy about the property when I checked out and she said the deposit would be credited in my bank account with in a week. I have asked about my deposit as I haven't heard anything from my LL. Now she has come up with few issues in the property, I think she wanted to take some amount from my deposit however she hasn't mentioned about the amount.

    Can LL report the issues after (couple of days) tenant left the property? My deposit is protected in an approved scheme just 2 months back as LL wanted to serve sec 21 notice to me and also served. Is it advisable to negotiate with the LL or can I open dispute where my deposit is protected?


    Try negotiating first. If you can't come to an arrangement that you are both happy with then you will need to open a dispute with the deposit scheme.

    If you ask for their arbitration, the landlord doesn't have to agree, so you may end up having to sue.

    If you can negotiate - do - it will get you your money back quicker and be less hassle.


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