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    Hello !! i need help please . Well i've moved out from my flat beginning of July so it's been almost 3 months now . my deposit was almost 3000 and my land lord took all of it and asked for 300 pounds more . but i didnt pay him the 300 yet and he didn't call for it. any how inventory was done beginning and end of contract and they sent me an estimate of the damage it was a burn in the carpet and they need to change it for 1800 and change the ceramic hob for 400 as well and 6 bulb lights each one for 60 pounds. im really mad about how they try to steal my deposit so i read about the deposit protection and i emailed all 3 companies and found out that my deposit wasn't protected that time . so by any chance is it possible to take him to court after it has been 3 months i moved out ? will i claim anything for not protecting my deposit ? or i'll fail and just pay more expenses?

    please help i need an advise as im really mad and its not a small amount i have paid

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    You cannot claim for the LL not protecting the deposit (because a Court of Appeal judgment earlier this year ruled that tenants cannot claim for non-compliance after the tenancy has lawfully ended), but you can claim for return of the deposit only. From the sound of it, you'll win very easily; the LL's charges appear to be extremely unreasonable.

    Send a 'letter before action' to the LL demanding a refund of the deposit by a deadline (e.g. give him a week to pay), and then, assuming he doesn't pay up by the deadline, start a county court claim (which you can do online at Money Claim Online).

    The claim will be allocated to the small claims track, which is designed for litigants-in-person; court fees are low (and are added to the claim) and you don't need a solicitor.


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