Moving out - Letting agency issues / Rat infestation

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  • Moving out - Letting agency issues / Rat infestation

    I'm moving out this week, a month early from the end date in my agreement. They have asked me to do a professional clean, get carpets & curtains cleaned, and repair damage to the balcony. I have not paid rent yet, which is due in a few days.

    Would you do as they request and also pay rent after the below treatment? I have already signed tenancy agreement for new apartment which starts this weekend and basically, I'm thinking of not doing any of the above, as they have made my life very difficult in the last year and a half.

    I will be sending an email like this to the letting agency to let them know how terrible they are, and forwarding it to the landlord too.


    Now that I have left the property, I think this is a good time to express my absolute dissatisfaction with your inept handling of major issues within the apartment.

    The first problem with the leaking, rotting bathroom roof took months to resolve, and totally at my expense. For weeks there was water from a bathroom in the above apartment leaking down through electrical fittings, onto my washing kit, toothbrush and even me directly and nothing was done to cater for me during this time. When you eventually did arrange to fix the problem, there was a couple sitting in my house over the weekend waiting for plaster to dry...

    Secondly, the fridge problem was ongoing for months and months. I could not properly store food, and my health definetly suffered over this period. When you finally did arrange to replace the fridge - it was not even fitted properly.

    Thirdly, an most importantly the main reason I am moving is the rat infestation. You have know for months that the infestation is due to structural issues within the apartment, and have failed to resolve the issue.

    On moving in initially, I complained about mice and rats and from 18 months ago, I have called and sent you so many emails about the rats / mice and it still being a problem that now I have no other choice but to leave.

    I will be forwarding this email to the landlord's son.


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    Did they hold a rent deposit? I could imagine if you don't pay rent you could end up attempting to defend a claim against you. The issues of disrepair maybe disregarded, particularly as you brought no action at the time.

    I would probably not mention that you intend to copy LL's son in either. I'd just do it.
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      They have asked me to do a professional clean, get carpets & curtains cleaned, and repair damage to the balcony.
      In spite of the very poor service, if you caused the damage to the balcony, you should either repair it or agree an appropraite deduction from the deposit. I would not have the place professionally cleaned, unless you agreed to pay for this in your tenancy agreement, or unless there are stains, marks, etc. that were not there when you moved in. The property only needs to be as it can be got by a tenant working with normal cleaning tools, not specialist equipment - unless you have marked the carpets or curtains beyond what would be reasonable wear and tear. If there are stains on the carpets, you should pay to have them professinally cleaned.

      I would clean the curtains by shaking them outside. This will remove the surface dust. If they need to be dry cleaned to remove marks that were not on them when you took possession of the flat, I would have them dry cleaned.

      As MrJohnnyB pointed out you are liable for the rent. There is a protocol for forcing the landlord to undertake repairs to the property, and rent can normally only be withheld if you have paid for the repairs yourself (which you did in the case of the bathroom room).

      The protocol is laid out here:

      If you didn't follow this protocol precisely, deducting or not paying any rent will leave you wide open to a claim on your deposit. The bathroom leaking is an emergency situation (what with water leaking through the electric fittings) and should have been sorted within a few days. This may allow you to claim you followed the protocol sufficiently given the seriousness of the situation, and the lack of action by the agent. The lettign agent's Terms of Business will normally have given them a mandate to address emergency repairs without needing the authorisation of the landlord.

      Good luck with the move.


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        You have an obligation to return the property in the same condition as when you moved in. Obviously 'wear and tear' is not your issue, but you do have to make sure it is as clean as when you moved in.

        Any correspondence should be in writing to the landlord or his agent at the address provided for the service of documents. Email will not usually suffice because you have no way of knowing/proving that the email was read by the relevant person (or, to be pedantic, at the correct place of service).


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          "The first problem with the leaking, rotting bathroom roof took months to resolve, and totally at my expense."

          Did OP effect a full & effective repair or a temp repair?
          What was the problem? missing/slipped/cracked roof tile?

          Any letter of complaint should be factual and unemotional
          List the problems with:
          description of problem and date it was reported
          repairs undertaken, date started, date completed.

          It should be addressed to LL, not LLs son, with copy to LA


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