Landlord neglects repairs - liability?!

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  • Landlord neglects repairs - liability?!


    I hope this fits into this forum, could not find a better topic to post under.

    I own my flat and have a leashold - I am responsible for 33% of the communal areas, the other landlord (freeholder) is responsible for 66%.

    The other landlord is neglecting repairs in the communal area which are affected by water damage - this has been ongoing for over 2 years and I anticipate that at some point soon the damage will be so great that extensive and costly repairs will be required.

    In my opinion this is soley due to his inaction and inability to provide somebody to fix the issue (I can't address it without his consent).

    Can anybody recommend a good way of opting out of the future costs of repairs, e.g. I have warned him so many times and explained my willingness to get the isses resolved, but he is not actioning anything so he can't ask me to pay for any major repairs later?

    Any advise would be appreciated, I am desparate!

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    You could sue him for specific performance.
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      could you elaborate a bit?

      Also, is suing him the best first step? I think sending a clear message that I will legally not be obliged to pay for extensive repairs if he doesn't get his act together by date xxx will maybe make him change his mind?

      How would I do such a thing?


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