Evicting an AST tenant

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    Evicting an AST tenant

    Dear All

    I have a tenant in the 5th month of a 6 month AST. He still owes 40% of his rent for April and 100% for May.

    How do I get rid of him in the quickest way possible? Does he have any rights having broken the contract?

    I have one months deposit from him.

    I have some thoughts, just want to see what everyone else thinks!


    Serve a Section 21 notice, giving the tenant at least two months notice of repossession. For example, if the tenancy started on the 15th of the month, the S21 must require possession 'After 14th' of a month. He may be 5 months into a six month AST but given the above example, as it is now the 23rd May, the earliest possession date would be after 14th August. You can use the deposit to cover rent arrears as well as damages. You can't do anything until the S21 has run out, then, if the tenant is still there, you get form N5B from the county court, getting this served will take about four weeks, then, if he is still there, bailiffs, yet another four weeks plus. This will also cost you about £400. You can claim this back from the tenant (if you can find him), in the small claims court. In all this time of course, you are probably not getting any rent so if you can find a way round this, do so. Talk to the tenant and try to resolve the matter, it has been suggested on this forum that you even pay him to move. When you look at the potential costs, this makes sense, don't worry about wounded pride.


      I've just re-read my last reply, I'm depressed now.


        You are not the only one!

        Think I will try and get him out nicely but serve notice at the same time!

        Tenancy started on 8th Jan, so he is up as of 8th July so will have to be 8th Aug for the S21 I think.



          Be careful, tenancy started on the 8th Jan so the S21 must state that you want possession After 7th August. Its important that it is worded in this way, also, you must ensure service before the 8th June. Use recorded delivery or deliver it by hand and get a signed, dated receipt from the tenant.


            Thanks, my partner is trying the friendly approach with cash incentive in a minute!


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            • Reply to COVID clause in ASTs
              by KTC
              Rather than unfair, I wonder whether it can cause the tenancy to be void for uncertainity if it's somehow worded with the effect of you have a tenancy from X date if the existing tenant moves out, but not if they don't for COVID-19 related reasons.
              01-08-2021, 20:59 PM
            • COVID clause in ASTs
              by Hooper
              Does anyone have anything in their contracts? E.g. clause limiting liability where outbound tenants have to isolate and can't move out in time for commencement of next tenancy?

              Anyone had this happen?
              30-07-2021, 13:23 PM
            • Reply to Tenants shilly shallying
              by Hudson01
              I think you already know the answer to your question, there are simply too many alarm bells for me, i would pull out and get better prospects and conduct the long standing and sensible checks we all have to do, i am sure you know that if you get a '' wrong un ''...... it will end in tears..... you...
              01-08-2021, 20:25 PM
            • Tenants shilly shallying
              by JK0
              A couple of weeks ago, my friend introduced me to a potential tenant. She liked the flat, agreed the rent, and we agreed she would move in 1st August. I took a week's rent as deposit.

              In view of the lady living some distance away, I gave her the key safe combination, as she wanted to get...
              01-08-2021, 18:56 PM
            • Reply to Tenants shilly shallying
              by ash72
              Always follow your process (if you have any) with any T referencing, even if they are recommended by someone. Most insurance want this conducted to avoid the policy being void.
              01-08-2021, 19:33 PM
            • Reply to Tenants shilly shallying
              by JK0
              Oh, I don't know the partner from Adam. I just (foolishly) took my friend's assurance that she is good for the money, and she showed me her passport the other day.
              01-08-2021, 19:20 PM
            • Reply to Landlord dictating minimum temperature for property
              by 45002
              If utilities bill are in tenant's name, LL will not be able to access anything !

              Unless LL tries to put bills in their name .
              01-08-2021, 19:13 PM
            • Landlord dictating minimum temperature for property
              by haystack1979
              Our landlord wants to insert a clause in our tenancy agreement to require us to maintain a temperature of 20 degrees in the house in order to mitigate a damp problem, is this legal? It's a very old place with a kitchen with thick stone walls which is poorly ventilated. The previous owner had the damp...
              30-07-2021, 11:33 AM
            • Reply to Tenants shilly shallying
              by ash72
              If she wants to move in, then get the money back for the locks being changed. If you referenced both T's and they passed, then I would mark it as teething problems especially if the T hasn't rented previously. I avoid this type of situation by getting the T to sign the tenancy at a pre-agreed date and...
              01-08-2021, 19:07 PM
            • Reply to COVID clause in ASTs
              by ash72
              If the LL cannot provide entry into the property on the appointed date that is a breach of contract. To that end the T are entitled to compensation for losses arising from the breach. If you had a clause, then this has to be an unfair term, and in contradiction to the main term of the contract.
              01-08-2021, 19:02 PM