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  • unoccupied neighbouring property

    I let a 3 bed semi. The adjoining house has been unoccupied for 12 months - the council refuse to tell me if the elderly lady who lived there has died/gone to a home and what plans there are for the house; they say "data protection".
    The front room alcove has damp. A damp surveyor and builder tell me the likely cause is a crack in the render of my ex-neighbours house. What can I do regarding forcing the council to act and/or claiming recompense from the council. many thanks

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    The neighbour house belongs to the council or privately owned?


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      Contact Council EHO ask for opinion of penetrating damp problem for your property. Or send Council one of their own rectification notices or claim om Ins for incidental damage caused to your property as you would with anyother LL.


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        I am having huge problems with an empty property attached to my end terraced house.
        It's been empty since March and has had one leak which has damaged the party wall which I'm waiting to dry out, but now it seems it's been completely stripped inside - the kitchen has 'gone' and they left a water pipe spurting water out. the house next door is flooded and I'm concerned it will damage my property.

        What can I do?


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