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  • moldy flat

    Hi, i have a one bed flat that I have been letting out for 8 years. The present tenants are complaining of mold growing on walls. I have supplied them with a dehumidifier, extractor fans in bathroom/kitchen and they assure me that they are using them. I am unaware of any leaks and know that they work nights and spend most of their time sleaping in the flat. Is there anything I'm missing or should be doing/supplying or checking? I am going armed with cleaner and paint next week to visit them and would appriciate any suggestions to help with this problem.

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    You need to determine whether mould is due to penetrating damp (LL liability) or condensation (T liability).


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      If the windows have trickle vents, take them apart and confiscate the shutters.


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        I was unaware that condensation was T liability, obvious really, but armed with this I will be insisting they use dehumidifier.
        Am also looking into fans that stay on longer and will get someone to check for penetrating damp. Ta


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          You should also be looking into the possibility of other causes. Penetrating damp is your responsibility, so look first before you get someone in. A tradesman will always find a job for the gullible customer to finance.

          Is the mould all over the flat? Is it just on outside walls? Do these outside walls face south or west? Are there blocked gutters, when did you have them cleared? cracked rendering? Slipped tiles, or worse, a flat roof? something may have happened in the recent past to cause penetrating damp. Look for leaks.

          Just because the tenants work nights and sleep during the day doesn't mean they have caused a damap issue. How and where are they drying their washing? where is the dehumidifier? do they ever open windows?


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            Originally posted by c4smith View Post
            I was unaware that condensation was T liability, obvious really, but armed with this I will be insisting they use dehumidifier.
            Am also looking into fans that stay on longer and will get someone to check for penetrating damp. Ta
            It is only the tenants responsibility if they are the source/cause of the moisture.

            If you do not provide sufficient ventilation/heating, it will become your problem.
            If there is rising damp or penetrating damp then the moisture from that will cause condensation - your problem.


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              Ground floor flat, gutters were cleared. Mould is in bedroom, kitchen and bathroom all outside walls
              property/tenant it's always going to be my problem. I'm just so pleased that it's not just my property/tenant and seems a common rental problem.


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                Depending on how much of a problem it is to you, you may want to get the opinion of a chartered surveyor to see if the moisture is coming from the structure. It will cost you a couple of hundred quid at least (shop around - they vary greatly) but should give you a definitive answer.


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                  Without wishing to sound rude, you don't sound at all competent to head this off without help.

                  I'd recommend you instruct a good solicitor specialising in property to deal with this on your behalf.
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                  Get a new GSC arranged. A valid GSC is a requirement during any Tenancy..
                  T does not have to vacate on expiry of Repo Notice, she could remain your T until legally evicted by Court Bailiffs after a further several weeks/months.
                  For ~£50 (tax deductible), is it worth the risk?
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                  Sloppy LL'ing.

                  When did original Tenancy commence with original Ts?
                  Who, if anyone, still remains?
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                  Sounds like the guy who contacted you was your tenant's lodger, doesn't it? Therefore it's up to tenant whether to return deposit or not. (Sounds like room was left in a bad state.)
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                  Thanks for the confirmation, so would this be ok to send to the tenant?

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                  I suppose on a positive the fact you returned it BEFORE the tenancy ended is in your favour.

                  No win no fee solicitors like straight forward cases.

                  One of the first questions they ask are if there are any rent arrears or claims to damages. You may well ward them off with a ...
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