Tenant Keeping Motorbike in Flat!

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    Originally posted by tacpot View Post
    So what are you going to do to pursuade your tenant that they should keep their bike outside?
    read post 9, then read them the riot act of
    "How dare you use my house as a garage", remove it at once.

    But the tenant now knows the landlord is a soft touch, and wont do anything.
    So instant removal of tenant for breach of the AST and also the headlease
    is in order.
    Never be soft on tenants as they wil just excrement on you.


      So instant removal of tenant for breach of the AST and also the headlease is in order.
      It's not really that easy is it. Much easier to reason with the tenant, and get them to change their behaviour. This is not being soft on the tenant - you as still demanding that they change their behaviour, but in a subtle way that allows them to back down gracefully. You are not backing down.

      The OP has many rational reasons to ask the tenant to keep their bike outside. There is no reason to be shy about asking them to do so. A simple "I'd prefer you keep your bike outside because of the potential for damage to the property. What would pursuade you to do so?" would suffice.

      Eviction is still an option if the tenant comes back with a completely unreasonable set of requirements. But the OP could for example give permission for a ground anchor to be installed outside, and/or fill-in or otherwise strengthen the new gate.


        there is a clause which states ' not to park any vehicle on the premises'.
        and on the premises includes the garden, walkway, driveway, back alley, roof, landing.

        NO, no concesions, no anchors, no pussy footing around.
        " Get that vehicle off my premises, NOW", and if not, then they are in breach
        of contract ----- Simple.

        However, too many people on here condoning breach of contract and breach of AST, so will leave you all to fight about it.
        Next thing he will want his car inside, or on the garden !

        Vehicles park outside.



          Motorcycle with up to 15 litres of petrol + hot exhaust + electrics = huge safety risk which most definitley endangers life and invalidates insurance.

          However the quickest cheapest option would be to board the gate and ensure he understands never to take the bike inside again.


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