My tenant's in arrears with rent and all utilities too

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    Can someone please create a stamp for me that says:

    Read the Civil Procedure Rules.

    Elle, the Section 21 notice is, in effect, the letter you want to write to your tenant to tell them that the tenancy will not be renewed, that he must move out at the end of the term and that if he doesn't move out you will seek legal redress to make him move out.

    As a new landlord you really should familiarise yourself with the rules you are expected to adhere to if you're contemplating court action. I won't hide my feelings about courts (can't abide them!) but if you are going to use the system you do need to understand it better than you appear to. Read Part 55 of the rules, that's the bit that covers reposession of residential properties. That'll give you a start though if you do go to court you'll need to read the rest of the rules as well.


      Thank you everybody.

      I realise that I come across as completely incompetent, I will endeavour to familirise myself with the rules.


        Sharing the property

        Papers are being served today, and we're giving notice to carry out an inspection in a few days time.

        However, I have since found out that there is somebody else living at the property - his girlfriend I believe.

        He is the only one named on the lease, what should I do about this, if I can do anything?


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