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  • Size of Double Bedroom?

    Is it a myth that a room can be called a 'double bedroom' if a double bed can fit in it? I have searched on the internet to find out if our rooms are doubles or not and there seems to be no clear guidance on this matter. I looked at HMO rules (ours are not HMOs) to see if that would help but that includes sink, which we do not have in our properties.
    We can fit double bed, wardrobe,work surface and seat with room for walk round in one room of 4mx2.3m and other room of 3mx2.5m. I just want to know for future advertising, so I do not mislead. Property presently rented etc no problem.

    Thanks for your advice.

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    I think you'll find that the terms "double bedroom" and "single bedroom" have dropped from estate agent's language: these days they just describe bedrooms according to size, ie they provide measurements of bedrooms and let the punter decide how many people can sleep in them. In other words there is no legal 'definition' of what minimum size constitutes a double.


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      It depends what you want to do in the double bed.... & with what ages & what genders of punter...

      I think the only legislation/regulation on the subject is to do with overcrowding, something no upright member of LLZ would ever be accused of....

      So, depending on how many people in the bed see...

      But the floor area of a room also determines how many people can sleep in it:

      floor area 110 sq feet (10.2 sq metres approx) = 2 people
      floor area 90 - 109 sq ft (8.4 - 10.2 sq m approx) = 1.5 people
      floor area 70 - 89 sq ft (6.5 - 8.4 sq m approx) = 1 person
      floor area 50 - 69 sq ft (4.6 - 6.5 sq m approx) = 0.5 people.
      so in your 4mx2.3m room = 9.2 sq m, only 1.5 people....(that brings in other laws..).., 3x2.5m = 7.5 sw m, only 1 person.

      Think you'll only get a visit from council on such matters if Tenants complain.. but clearly we all wish to stay within the law...

      Housing Act 1985 S324..

      IIRC there are also rules about what ages of which gender children can share...

      Does one require a license from the secretary of state for an orgy one wonders...??? Only if they want to sleep, apparently...

      Is this a candidate for TaB??

      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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