odd request from local housing benefits officer

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    odd request from local housing benefits officer

    Hello,i'm new member (today), had call from housing benefits office about one of my tenants....just been allowed housing benefit as unable to work through illness...no rent arrears (yet) they have asked me to issue sec.21 notice on the grounds of his likely inability to continue to pay rent. She says this is to protect all parties, but im not sure...bearing in mind he hasnt defaulted yet.....anyone come across this before ? thanks

    Hmmnnn I'd be very suspicious. I'd thank him kindly for his help & ask him to put the request in writing to me.. £5 says he doesn't.

    Recognize that if a homeless person presents themselves to the council for help & has been evicted for not paying rent (S8 etc...) then they will be found "intentionally homeless", not entitled council help or rehousing & hello park-bench... However if they lost their home due to S21, no apparent guilt, then perhaps they might get rehoused/more HB/LHA.. I smell a rat.

    Not really sure how these council rules operate so I may well be (yet again..) wrong/....
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      I suspect T can't afford rent (or at least LHA doesn't cover rent) so he needs to move to a smaller property.

      If he leaves your place voluntarily, he won't get any council help - if he is thrown out (leaves under section 21) he might.

      Your problem is that the council will not be happy with just a (potentially free) section 21 notice - they will almost certainly not do anything for the guy until you commence court proceedings to show that you are serious. At a cost to you of £175 minimum.

      Your choice:
      Pay £175 of your own money for the tenants convenience; or
      Run the risk of him not being able to pay the rent.


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