Short notice section 21 please.

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  • Short notice section 21 please.

    I know this is really short notice to ask but can anyone please tell me what date to serve a section 21 notice for tommorow (Thursday 6th).
    I have a slot to see the housing advice centre manager at 12 o'clock with my tenant, and would like to get it correct.
    It is a AST agreement with the wording on the contract saying let from the 1st feb 2009 for a fixed period of 6 months, but I have let it run on (periodic), the rent is weekly.
    Thanking you.

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    Periods rum Sat - Fri from 1st August 2009. Therefore, your s21 must expire on a Friday. First Friday after 6th December is 9th so it must expire "after 9th December 2011".


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      Thank you very much!


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