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  • No lease? [ROI Issue]

    Hey there,

    So, I'm a tenant and I live in a place in the Republic of Ireland (I know of course that UK and ROI law differ but generally, it's around the same :P )and I've now lived there since May.

    I'm looking to move out in November because of a number of reasons (Cooker, washing machine, dryer and a broken bed not being fixed as promised) but no lease was ever signed.

    I gave the LL a deposit and I've been paying my rent (I have a receipt for the deposit) but we never signed a contract :/

    They were supposed to bring it down to me to sign but it never happened and I've asked several times since.

    Generally, how would you deal with giving notice and in regards to the deposit?

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    Even the UK doesn't have cohesive housing law (England/Scoland & NI all different) so I'm not sure we can offer much guidance.

    In England (presuming rent due monthly) you would have to give a minimum of a months notice AND that notice must end on the last day of a tenancy period.

    Say you moved in on 5th May and paid monthly, each period would run from 5th - 4th of the following month.

    But I really have to stress that this is England - RoI may be totally different.


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