Landlord threatening eviction - new agreement extension signed

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    Landlord threatening eviction - new agreement extension signed

    We have just recently signed a new 12 month extension of our assured short hold tenancy. We have our copy of the agreement signed by the landlord and ourselves - the second copy has been sent back to the landlord. The landlord has stated that he may choose to discontinue the tenancy at the coming expiry of the per-existing short hold extension. As the signed extension agreement has been signed and returned, will he be able to evict us if he sees fit.

    Note, that we have not broken our tenancy agreement in any shape or form.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    We do not necessarily wish to move (the landlord has given us the option to terminate the agreement at the extension as well), but we do not want to have to put up with feeling like we are being bullied by our landlord either, and would like to know our legal stand point.

    We have our copy of the agreement signed by the landlord and ourselves
    Sounds like the tenancy is assured for the next 12 months. Nowt much he can do about it now


      Reasonably sure that if he applied for possession under section 21 you could defend it successfully.

      Is there a break clause in the new contract? Are there any rent arrears? Do you think the landlord wants it back to live in?


        Thanks for the answers

        There's no break clause, it's simple a letter stating we're continuing under the same terms as the previous agreement for a further months, dated and signed.

        We have always payed our rent on time and in full.

        To my knowledge, he would not want to evict to live in the property, as he has made no mention of any intention along those lines and has a personal property of his own.

        Thanks again <3


          If the agreement is signed by both parties then both parties are probably bound. The only argument I can think the LL may run is that his offer was revoked before your acceptance. However, this revocation would have to be a) extremely clear and b) communicated to you before you posted back your acceptance. If these conditions aren't met then based on what you've said you are both bound to the tenancy for another twelve months.

          The above represents my own opinion, derived from personal knowledge and should not be relied upon as definitive or accurate advice. It is offered free of charge and may contain errors or omissions or be an inaccurate opinion of the law. I accept no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of relying on the above.


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