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    I have a tenant who has moved out of the marital home and left his wife and young son there. She is not on the agreement. Since moving in approximately 10months ago, they have burnt the kitchen worktops, burnt a hole in bedroom carpet, erected a wendy house on the grass in garden when asked not to do. Badly marked all walls and dirtied all carpets. This house had been repainted throughout and was only built 3 years ago. The wife asked if she could take over the tenancy and I agreed with the proviso that she would rectify the damage she has caused. She now says that she can find somewhere cheaper and as her tenants have damaged the house she owns she doesnt feel that she should sort this house out. The bond will not cover all damages. She not wants a reference of me. When I have refused as a) she was not the legal tenant, and b) she has caused damage she has not said she will refuse all viewings for the remaining 6 weeks of the tenancy. Her husband has moved to his mothers house and will not answer the phone or reply to my letters. I would appreciate any advice anyone would have for me?

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    She's within her rights to refuse viewings.

    The husband is still the tenant and you can pursue him for legitimate costs of making good damages (small claims court it need be). At least you know where he is.


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      Do you have a signed inventory/condition report showing the good state of the property at the start of the tenancy?

      Did you ever grant the female a tenancy?
      Did the male ever surrender the tenancy?
      Is the bond protected in a government scheme?

      As female is a landlord, she presumably has assets - good!
      Is male working or with assets?


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