Digital tv aerial - rental property - is this the land lords responsibility?

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  • Digital tv aerial - rental property - is this the land lords responsibility?

    I moved into a rental property a little over three months ago and so far have been unable to watch " live tv ". I am a BT Vision customer therefore a digital aerial is essential.

    When I moved in there was already an aerial installed at the property, located on the roof. After following all the usual steps to install the equipment I was unable to view.

    I called BT who advised me that the aerial was probably not a digital ready one and would therefore require replacement.

    I contacted the letting agent and initially they said it was the landlords responsibility.When I heard nothing back I contacted them again. They advised me that the land lord had stated the signal is very poor in this location. I purchased a signal booster and co ax splitter as have an older style tv. All efforts proved fruitless and now the digital switchover has occurred a signal booster us useless anyway.

    It was my belief that if the aerial was already installed at the property the responsibility for it lies with the landlord. Is this the case or is it likely I am going to have to remedy the situation myself which I can ill afford to do?

    All thoughts most welcome

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    There is no statutory obligation for the LL to upgrade the TV aerial. Nor could you do it yourself without the LL's consent to make this alteration.

    If you were told that the property had a digital aerial or it was advertised as having one, then the LL may have a contractual obligation to upgrade it.


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      What does the property advert/tenancy agreement and/or the inventory say about TV aerial, if anything ?? e.g. If it says "aerial socket provided, no warranty" then I think you may have a problem.

      Have you asked immediate neighbours what they do?? i.e. if there is a problem in that area with digital signals that would put a different aspect on thinks...
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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