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  • Water damage

    We have a downstairs flat with no T at the moment, someone has broken into the upstairs flat and stolen all the copper pipe and hot water storage cylinder this has caused a large amount of water to flood our sitting room, the carpet is soaken and now the smell is disgusting, the LA for the upstairs said we have to clim off our insurance who will in turn claim back any costs from their insurance, the problem is we dont have contents insurance so we cannot make a claim from out insurers! The LA for upstairs are saying get an inflated quote from a builder for the damage, we are law abiding people and want to do this right any help we can get from other members here will be most appreciated.
    The property is in England.
    The freehold is a Newcastle lease ie we own the freehold for upstairs and they own the freehold for our flat.

    Thanks Mr/MrsLandlord

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    I would have though the flat owner was liable to you. Presumably you have the owners details if you are their freeholder?


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