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  • Question about damp in rented property

    Hey, we rent a property that has evidently got a massive damp problem (which we didn't know when we moved in) - there is now mould in all rooms, on soft furnishings and fittings, and doors won't close properly. We have tried to wash off mould and damp seal it, but ultimately it comes back. The letting agent is ignoring our calls and emails on this, is it their responsibility to try and sort it out, or do we have to get someone in to properly damp seal the property? It was an annoyance before, but now 2 of us have had chest infections for about a month, which doctor says can be made worse by damp/mould. We have told the letting agent this, but he doesnt respond. Any dvice would be much appreciated! thanks

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    Is the damp black or white?

    If it is black, it is caused by condensation. To put it simply, water is condensing on surfaces making a lovely humid surface for the mould to grow.

    The question is - where is the moisture coming from? In most cases like this, the answer is - you. Cooking, bathing, laundry, washing-up, drying clothes - even breathing puts moisture into the air.

    The property needs to be adequately heated and ventilated so that the moisture goes outside instead of condensing. Are there facilities to heat and ventilate?

    Can you see another source for moisture? Maybe the render on the outside of the building is cracked - allowing moisture in? Maybe the guttering is spewing water down the outside walls constantly? Missing tiles on the roof?

    Answer the questions, but in the meantime this may be useful...


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      Assuming the property is in England or Wales, you should:

      Write a letter
      to the letting agent explaining that you will call in the Council's Environmental Health Officer to assess the property under HHSRS.

      Then phone the EHO and make an appointment for a visit.


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