Damage due to mould in bathroom, whos responsible for repair

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  • Damage due to mould in bathroom, whos responsible for repair

    I have had tenancy for the last 18 months of a property that has suffered mould in the bathroom for 16 of those months.

    I moved in the property in the summer month of July. I reported a problem with mould build up around the end of August. My letting agency has inspected this problem four times over my tenancy.

    When using the shower/bath I use the supplied extractor fan and run it for as long as possible after use, which is usualy 15mins.

    I on average have to wipe the surfaces effected by mould every 3-4 weeks. I have used a soft cloth and mould remover 9from supermarket) to wipe down the affected surfaces. I have had to wipe down the affected surfaces so many times that the paint that is covering the walls/ceiling has started to wear away due to cleaning.

    I do not feel as if I have caused this removal due to heavy handedness, I reported to my letting agency at the first signs of paint removal due to cleaning.

    After 12 months of reporting the problem, my landlord came to inspect the property (an apointment made with the letting agency in which I was told that a professional was coming to inspect... and the landlord turned up?!) and agreed to arange time to carry out repairs and redecorate the room affected at his expence.

    The landlord gave me (via the letting agency) approx 48 hours notice to carry out the repairs which I was not able to meet due to prior arangments and I requested another apointment. I was later told by the letting agency that the landlord expect myself to pay for a professional to carry out the repairs unless I sign another 12 month tenancy and he will carry out the work.

    I am now in a situation where I will be leaving the property and am unclear if the cost of repairs will be taken out of my deposit!

    Please advise.

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    On the assumption that your deposit is protected in one of the 3 approved schemes then I think you should certainly lodge a dispute if your landlord does try to deduct from your deposit for this.

    Do you have anything in writing confirming that the landlord was going to carry out the repairs? I am sure that would help your case.

    You may also want to look at the extractor fan manufacturers website and see if you can find out if the fan is designed to work in a room the size of your bathroom - it would seem not to have sufficient capacity or be poorly sited.

    Only your landlord knows if he will try and take the money out of your deposit - but you know what to do if he does


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      Thanks for your assumption, My deposit ias protected by TDS.

      The ratings for the fan is a great idea for back up on inappropriate venting.
      The letting agency gave me verbal correspondence on two occasions about the landlord covering the costs, I will see if they will confirm it in a letter (on his behalf)


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