landlord living on rented property in a caravan

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  • landlord living on rented property in a caravan

    What are the legal implications of renting my 2 bedroom house and living in a touring caravan on the said property. Thanks

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    To live permanently in a caravan anywhere (even if you own the land it stands on), you would need planning permission. We have an elderly neighbour and when his wife was dying from cancer a few years ago, his son wanted to bring his caravan here and live beside the house to help them (having already had permission for a granny flat refused). Council would not allow it, even though we are right in the sticks, not overlooked by anyone and the caravan would have been in a 2 acre field!

    To make a touring van suitable for permanent residence, you would also need to consider toilet, water and power supply issues.

    TBH, if I were renting a property, I wouldn't want my LL living in the garden either!


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      In addition to lesleyanne's comments - you can not park the van on the property let to the tenant (they have exclusive possession) so the tenancy agreeent you grant would have to exclude a specific area (where the van is) and, possibly an access route.

      Something like "The dwellinghouse known as 123 High Street excluding the areas outlined in red on the attached plan"


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