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  • T liable for damage to property?

    Hi all,
    I'm a first time landlord renting out my house on an AST through an agent that manages it for me.
    Had a call today to advise that the tenants had come back from holiday and found a big crack in the ceiling of the kitchen, which is directly below the bathroom.
    There is no evidence of any leaking pipes anywhere so I can only presume that it has been caused by an overflowing bath or sink that has come through the bathroom floor onto the ceiling causing the residual damage.
    I've obviously given permission for the managing agents to send their appointed contractor out to assess the damage and look to repair it asap as I can't leave the tenants with that sort of issue in the house and it'll probably be covered by my landlords insurance, but, if this has been caused by the tenants negligence letting water overflow onto the bathroom floor, where do I stand? Do they have to pay for this/arrange for it to be repaired, or am I still liable for it?
    Unfortunately, the agents I decided to use proved out to be as useful as a fart in a spacesuit when it comes to advising me, and working for me, so I'd appreciate some advice before taking it any further.

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    How old is the house? Is it wooden joists covered in plasterboard ? How big is the crack ?


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      Ensure you get a comprehensive report not just quote for repair.
      If due to water and no sign of leak, poss T resp but hard to prove


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