Estate Agent rearranging personal belongings + leaving a mess

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    Estate Agent rearranging personal belongings + leaving a mess

    First of all, I'd like to say that I realise this may seem like a fairly small thing to be asking about but it's something that rather surprised and annoyed me and I'd like to know if there is anything legal pertaining to this.

    To begin with I was contacted by the estate agent with fair notice that they wanted to show a viewer around the flat I am a tennant of. I told them I would be out but they were welcome to let themselves in as they have done previously (no problem here).

    When I came back home that evening I firstly noticed a number of my personal belongings had been moved around. Nothing major, but fairly plentiful. To give a few examples: TV remote moved across the room, Dehumidifier in the bedroom moved across the room also, a single glass that was left out on the sideboard put into the sink.

    On this point, I thought it rather rude but wouldn't really make a fuss if it was the only thing I noticed.

    When I was putting the kitchen blinds tidy (they had been drawn up, and I always leave them down but open during the day) I realised that there was dirt on the draining board (which I had left some clean dishes on to dry on a rack as I didnt deem that unsightly enough to tidy away before the viewing), in the sink and on the dishes themselves. We keep a small cactus plant in the windows which had clearly been knocked off the windowsill when the blinds had been opened by the estate agent (I assume, rather than the viewer) and then replaced after a half-hearted clean up attempt. I found that the sponge we use to wash up with was dirty and wet, dumped in the sink and there was some dirty kitchen roll in the bin to support this (yes, I probably watch too much CSI).

    My question then; is that really acceptable? No effort was made to inform me that my clean dishes had been covered with pot plant and a fair amount of my belongings had been moved around. I'd be interested to know whether estate agents have the right to tidy as they see fit (I'm not suggesting I left the flat in an untidy state mind you), or create a mess instead.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through this somewhat petty and probably overly long request for advice.

    *As an addition I will point out that from what I can tell of my tennancy agreement, I have no obligation to allow viewers into the property currently. The Landlord is selling the property as a buy-to-let with tennants in situe. Since my tenancy has several months remaining, anything that seemed relevant on my agreement regarding this kind of access, well, isn't.

    Since you don't appear to have suffered a loss, hardly worth calling in the UN. Opening blinds, moving items to show property & T in best light?
    Upending the plant with blind - unfortunate accident. A note to EA stating your findings and conclusions and requiring apology before future viewings, conducted by another agent? Least they could have done would be to have washed the soiled plates again!
    Don't mind the post but stick around to find others, both LLs & Ts have more serious problems.
    Your T may continue on same terms, but LL will change on completion of sale.


      Originally posted by mariner View Post
      Since you don't appear to have suffered a loss, hardly worth calling in the UN.
      LOL, *chuckle*

      Ok [ serious hat on ], agree it is annoying. And you're mostly miffed that the EA touched things and rearranged them. But as long as no damages incurred then just drop EA a note that you 'noticed' xyz, and to ask them to not touch your personal property in future.

      Obviously to circumvent this, tidy up your abode yourself BEFORE the EA turns up!

      It was poor management from the EA to not ask you kindly to tidy up and make presentable before the viewing. That might have saved everyone time, angst and anguish.


        Thank you for the replies.

        I do realise that this is nothing major but this seemed like the best place to get some input. I also wasn't sure legally what one should and should not expect when allowing someone to enter their unattended dwelling.

        I'd also like to state that the flat *was* tidy when I left and we always do make sure the place is presentable when we are expecting visits. At least there wasnt any dirt in the sink when I left it.

        Thanks again. I'll write a letter to the UN to call off the sanctions and another to the EA to inform them I think they have been unprofessional.


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