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  • Advice for Nightmare flat.

    I just moved in to a flat last May. In my leasing agreement it stated that certain things were supposed to be done, however it has been four months and only minor things have been fixed.

    Firstly, there was (and still is) a leak that is from the upstairs bathroom. This has permeated the floor and the lower ceiling. Mold and mildew were present when I moved in, and continue to grow.
    Secondly, as stated and shown in the inventory check, the place is a complete mess. It hasn't been properly cleaned, other than the minor cleaning that I have tried to do. I have several pictures as well as statements from the independent inventory check that took place, stating the place was 'grubby, unclean, dusty etc...' over one hundred times. I have written several emails to my letting agent as well as called them several time to get these problems solved.

    Around the 30th of July I called my agent to have a manager contact me about these problems, in which I gave a week to reply, no one did. I called again the next week demanding a manager calls me within 2 days, which again no one did. The following week I then called once more to get the email of the Manager, In which I stated that I wanted a call, an action plan for repairs and some unanswered questions answered by Monday or I would be seeking legal advice. No one contacted me. I then got the city involved.

    The flat is in pretty dire condition, it smells of mold and mildew from the leaky bathroom and the dust situation on top of that is bearing down on my allergies. In addition to the leaky sink, there are multiple things that I have had to deal with. The property hasn't been cleaned properly since about 1996. I was cleaning the place up because the agency was taking to long. When I moved a desk, there were several receipts dated from the 90's. Furthermore, there are layers upon layers of dust on the carpeting and various household goods.

    Continuing, I had complained about the oven not working properly for about 3 months. The only reason why the oven was replaced (which still took two weeks) is because it exploded, literally. Luckily, I had asked them to install a smoke detector as there was not a functioning in the property when I moved in, and there still isn't one on the second floor.

    Now since contacting the city counsel about the environmental issues, they have been slowly progressing. The have cut out the mold and mildew in the ceiling. 'Fixed' the leak, although it is still leaking, and there is a massive hole that has not been repaired. I have also contacted the property Ombudsman about this problem.

    This has been a nightmare. I am not sure how to continue. Any advice would be good.


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    Continue to liaise with the EHO who has the power to require your landlord to remedy the defects.

    As far as the cleaning goes, I would just get on and do it myself (LL is unlikely to send in cleaners at this stage) but remember that when you leave, you will be under no obligation to clean it to any better standard than you received it in. Keep a copy of the inventory you agreed, and any photos you took at the start, in a safe place.

    Other than that, if there are any repairs which the EHO is not involved with, there is a protocol by which you can get the repairs done yourself and deduct the cost from the rent - come back and ask if you need to know about that.
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      sanedtim, can we first determine the city location and terms of your Lease eg 6 months.
      Sorry to sound harsh but you recently moved in - 5 months ago - to a property that is unaceptable because of the dust & mould affecting your allergies. You have contacted LA, EHA, property ombudsman yet make no mention of the LL (ultimately resp) Suggests you had other reasons for a quick move in?
      On the plus side you have a move in inspection to support your case and EH inspection and you only have to return the property in a similar condition.
      If you intend to undertake own repairs and reclaim from rent, LL should be informed well before work/action is undertaken.
      Why did you accept property in that state?
      Best find somewhere more suitable asap.


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