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    Notice to Increase Rent

    I need to increase the rent for our tenants and am slightly confused as to what form I need to purchase. I think it should be a S13 Form 4B notice proposing an increase in rent.

    Our tenants at present are on a periodic agreement, so would I be right in thinking that we only need to give 1 months notice to increase the rent and do we need to issue another tenancy agreement. I have already looked through the tenancy agreement and there is no mention of increasing the rent in it, therefore the reason why I think I need to serve a S13. The agreements I got from Lawpack, but there is no provision for a rent increase, does anyone have any suggestions of any others that do provide this for future reference.
    Many thanks

    If your tenants are on a statutory periodic tenancy then as you correctly state you can serve on then a section 13 notice giving them at least 1 month's notice of your intention to increase their rent. You cannot do this more than once per year. If you do it this way then the tenants can either accept the increase and pay same, or they can appeal to a tribunal. This will compare the proposed new rent with the market rents charged for nearby properties of the same type and come to a decision which you have to accept.
    The alternative is to serve the tenants with a section 21 notice and offer them a new AST at the new rent. They then have no alternative but to accept it or go elsewhere.

    Any information given in this post is based on my personal experience as a landlord, what I have learned from this and other boards and elsewhere. It is not to be relied on. Definitive advice is only available from a Solicitor or other appropriately qualified person.


      If you just put "Section 13" into Google, or better still "Form 4B Section 13(2)" you will get plenty of sources for a free download of the form and guidelines. The form is also avilable on this site from the home page, so go there! will give you guidelines as well as the form. It might still be on the old site.

      It never fails to amaze me that posters don't try the internet first by putting a few keywords in.

      You NEVER need to pay for anything if you have a little enterprise about you. For instance you can obtain a perfectly good tenancy agreement for nowt just by putting "free download assured shorthold tenancy agreement" into your search engine and take your pick from the results. Unfortunately some people don't even try to help themselves!
      The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


        Thanks Paul, but I did try the internet for a few hours before I decided to post a thread on landlord zone! I unfortunately did allocate any free forms!


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