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    Subject: Claim for damages against An Environmental Health Inspector.

    Can anyopne recommend a law firm, who would be ble to tkake this case on and asst me with a claim as follows:

    I am a one property Landlord in Croydon.

    My property was let to a tenant from the 18 September 2008 to the 27 July 2011 under an AST tenancy agreement. Tenant was evicted by bailiff on the 27 July 2011, under a sec.21 notice.

    This is a claim against an Environmental Health Consultant and Surveyor, who was instructed by a firm of solicitors, in Croydon Surrey, acting for the tenant, to carry out an inspection of the property under a disrepair claim.

    I have a copy of the report of the inspection dated 28th February 2011, which claims disrepair going back to September 2010 and includes mold and mice infestation.

    I had no choice, but to appoint a solicitor to act for me, especially, since I did not have any valid insurance for such contingencies in place at that time.

    My solicitors sent me a letter dated 5 May 2011 in which they are advised by the other side that " we have ceased work. . . ." and " . . . we were awarded an Investigative certificate but the Substantial was not issued owing to question on the quantum of a potential case."

    I have never heard again from the other solicitor and mine closed their file now, after I settled their bill.

    The report of the Environmental Inspector is exaggerated, inaccurate and entirely biased.

    I have a letter from the Croydon Housing Enforcement Officer, who visited the property at the request of the tenant on the 22 December 2010, who confirms in her letter to me, that there are two items that require attention.

    One was Loose and detached ceiling and wall plaster in the front room.
    The other was Loose and detached wall plaster in the small bedroom
    These damages, of which I was aware, were caused by the tenant and/or her children.

    As a result of the visit of the Environmental Health Inspector, I have incurred costs, expenses and trauma and I am now looking for help from a solicitor to formulate a case to recoup my costs and damages.

    It would be really good if a solicotr would be able to assist me on a no win no fee basis. Thanks.

    Any contribution would be appreciated.

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    I'll be honest and say that I don;t think you will find a solicitor willing to take on this case. The report by the inspector may well have been biased - they were being paid by the other side, their job was to report the situation - which they did. It was your choice to incur the costs of your solicitor (although I agree it was the sensible thing to do). There were obviously issues with the property that caused the tenant to seek help, and imho loose plaster is not likely to have been caused by tenant - but I'm not a surveyor.

    I wish you well - but if I were you, I'd pick myself up, dust myself down (repair the property) and start all over again.


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      You can search for a solicitor here http://www.lawsociety.org.uk/choosin...asolicitor.law

      Or a public access barrister here http://www.barcouncil.org.uk/about/f...ess-directory/

      I don't know about your financial costs claim but I doubt the trauma claim has any legs.


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        Originally posted by westminster View Post
        but I doubt the trauma claim has any legs.
        A claim under the Disability Discrimination Act then?


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          I do not think there is any basis for a claim against the consultant.


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