My landlord gave me extra space

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    My landlord gave me extra space

    I've rented a one bedroom flat in a converted house for about two and a half years. Halfway up the stairs to my flat is a seperate self contained room which the letting agent (who is the landlord trading with a different business name) used as an office. They moved out of this office a few months ago.

    Six weeks ago my landlord contacted me about a rent review. We spoke on the phone and agreed what the new rent would be. At the same time he asked me if I could put this room to any use. I said that I wasn't sure what I could use it for, but he said that as they had no further use for it, they were going to add it to my flat, but they would not be charging me any additional rent for it. Naturally I was quite pleased.

    A few days later he put the rent notice under my door and the key to the room downstairs. I have since moved some of my possessions into the room, and thought I could furnish it as a guest room.

    Today I have been into the room and found ladders and assorted builder's equipment. I'm guessing these belong to my landlord as he has a number of properties in this area. I have called him asking him to explain why these things are here, but I only have a mobile number for him and have only been able to leave a message. I've also noticed that the letter accompanying my rent review notice gives this address as his address.

    I suspect he has trespassed and broken my right to "quiet enjoyment" and want to insist that he does not do this again. My tenancy agreement just gives the address of the flat and does not state where the demise lies. There is no mention of the room, nor is there in the letter that came with my rent review, but I have a key and my possessions are in it.

    If he doesn't remove his things within a reasonable time would I be in my rights to remove them? Would I also be within my rights to change locks to protect my possessions? Again this isn't mentioned in my agreement.

    Can anyone advise?


    Can I?

    Can I bump on this forum?

    The stuff is still there, he hasn't called me and every time I ring I get his voicemail. Its been a week.


      Seeing as there is not mention of this room on you tenancy agreement, its my personal view that you have no right of quiet enjoyment to this room.

      The landlord has not made a contract with you because there is no payment involved. I think he is only letting you use the room 'as a favour', as a friend would.

      I would think your best course of action is to leave a letter in the room, or by the front door , so that when he next passes he picks it up. Just ask if it is still ok if you use his room...because you noticed his stuff in there too, and see what he says. Remember he is doing you a favour, so approach it from that angle, or you could upset him. Be diplomatic! Just check out what his intentions are.

      Hope this helps
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        I agree with Bel - if you insist on anything here it will be section 21 time very soon! Perhaps there is a misunderstanding - he meant use it as storage, you thought you could have it as a bedroom....
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