Tips on the deposit protection procedure: As a tennent

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    Tips on the deposit protection procedure: As a tennent


    Moving out of a rented property soon and just wanted some advice on the situation after I leave. My landlord has never used a deposit protection scheme before (despite renting this property for over 10 years!) and it took him 10 months to put my deposit in one after I had asked him to do so.

    Now, it's officialy protected as of the beginning of this month but I'm leaving in under two weeks time. What happens next as he's been telling my ex housemate (who moved last week) he prepares to take £50 out of his and my deposits for cleaning (and wont answer what this really defines)

    I never signed an inventory and My first duty in moving into the property was to scrub the toilet bowl (which took several bleach washes to remove the brown texture at the bottom of it!) and clean up broken glass on my bedroom floor so initially, i'm a little irritated that He's asking me to clean up the property when it was given to me in worse condition than it is now.

    I've been in the property for 10 months and kept it very clean but I don't quite understand how the situation unfolds if i disagree with his cleaning charge claims, he's ripping up the entire place with new lighting, new flooring, new walls and new electrics when I leave anyway... Was i supposed to sign something to say what condition it was in when i moved in?

    This is my first property since moving out of my parents so i've allways been keen to look after it. It's a shame the landlord has been less than favourable

    Which company is your deposit protected with?


      No inventory, no contest. The landlord cannot prove the state is was in
      when you took it.

      You are to leave the premises in the condition they were given to you.
      ( Assumption is that it was claen and no damage, so you give it back
      clean and undamaged )

      You say to the landlord it is in a better condition then when you fist moved in,
      and that no cleaning will be required.
      You can contest any deductions, and if I were you, I would notify the deposit
      holder of no inventory, cleaner then when you moved in, and landlord saying
      he will deduct monies for cleaning when he wil nor know the condition till you
      move out.
      you of course have your deposit reference number ?



        It is protected with the 'deposit protection service' And I have all of my deposit details. He is ripping out every bedroom in the house the afternoon I leave. So will I need to get someone from the deposit protection service to look at it before the landlord starts ripping everything up and making it look like a bomb hit it? I don't really want him to pass the construction work onto me as if I was the person responsible for it looking like a mess

        thanks again!


          deposit protection service do not do inspections.

          Take photos, of all rooms and halls, preferably one that stamps the date on.
          Take a friend with you to see you taking pictures.
          Take the picture s( maybe a second time ) with that days newspaper
          in the frame, one with legible pcture on the front.
          take pic of newpaper only in the frame as one photo also.

          Your photos therefore cannot be before the date of the newpaper shown
          in the frame ( Time travel not possible at present )
          DON'T forget to keep the newspaper ( buy two, as if you lose on in your move,
          you will have a spare one )

          Then you CAN prove the state of the place just before you left.



            Thanks R.a.M!

            I'll do all this as the flat is in excellent condition. I have a pro HD video camera that I will plan on showing round the property. and will be clear enough to support my claim.

            Thanks again, this is all such a pain


              You might want to shoot on not-HD .. (yes?? get my drift??) - and separately on HD..
              I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                Make sure you video the condition of all the walls, ceiling, doors, skirting boards, etc., as well as the condition of any furniture or white goods.

                I would take stills photos of any damage you find. The landlord is only allowed to charge you for damage above fair wear and tear, so small scuffs, marks etc. should be photographed as evidence that the damage present is only that arising from "fair wear and tear".

                Videos showing clean window sills, toilet bowls, sinks etc. will be useful.

                I would also keep any evidence you have of the landlord's intention to undertake major building work immediately after you leave. The landlord will not incur any costs in clearing your flat as they do not intend to clean it (as they are not reletting it), rather they intend to create a great deal of mess, which will be cleaned up at the end of build.

                Good luck


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