last two weeks of tenency agreeement, landlord wants to redec

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    last two weeks of tenency agreeement, landlord wants to redec

    I'm trying to get some advice here. I'm in a bit of a pickle.

    I'm leaving my property on the 1st of october because the landlord wants me out so he can sell it. He wants to do some decorating work during my last two weeks. This means removing the kitchen for three days and having a designer come in and decorate it for the rest of the time.

    I work from home with video and audio so this is quite clearly a bit of a problem. Is the landlord entitled to redecorate while i'm there? he just wants the place to look nice, nothing is being fixed and I'm not going to see any of the benefits because i'm leaving

    Can I say no? or can i say only two/ three days a week?

    Help would be great!

    You can certainly say no. Whilst you have a valid tenancy you have exclusive possession of the property. You can refuse anyone access - designers, estate agents, kitchen fitters, plumbers, even the landlord himself.

    Frankly, I think it is a cheek - it was good enough for you to live in but is not good enough for his purchasers, and he wants you to suffer while he tarts it up.

    Tell him to do it in 2 weeks time when he can have unhindered access to the property - you may be more generous, in which case by all means let the work progress - but on your terms.


      Totally agree with Snorkerz. Doing it the LL's way means that he's still being paid rent during the refurb, rather than not if he waits until you've left. Means he just gets to put the property on the market two weeks earlier than he might otherwise. If that's such a big deal to him, suggest he lets you live there rent-free if he wants to go ahead; otherwise he can wait. (I'm a landlord, by the way.)


        You say you are leaving as LL wants to sell. You'll appreciate you don't HAVE to leave until LL has served valid notices (usually S21), notice expires, he goes to court, get possession order, bailiffs come round & (eventually.,...most leave one day before bailiffs) carry you out.

        Unless he's done all that you are in a VERY STRONG negotiating position to ask for pretty much what you want (good reference, rent waiver, staying another month etc etc etc..).

        When my son & his two house-mates were served invalid notices by letting agent with LL wanting to sell (and completion due day after requested move-out day).. they negotiated written commitment to good references and one month rent free.

        Best of luck, cheers!

        Artful (Also LL)
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          I just sent him a text saying "can the kitchen redocorating wait until I've left?" I imagine he's going to send me an abusive email/ text now. I really don't want the work being done because i use recording equipment and postponing my work by three days is not really helpful for me


            I got a call, he said he's allready booked the builders to work and he can't cancel. he spoke to me about it in person last week saying this is what I plan on doing to which I replied:

            "give me an email and i'll confirm if its suitable for me"

            He's booked them without sending me an email confirming what work is going to be done. What a pain!


              I'm a LL and my Tenant left 3 week ago, cleared the house and to boot has left property in a right mess, even so, I can't legally get the cleaners,decorators,gardeners in until tenancy end date,end of September. Your still living at your property, I wouldn't dream of doing to my tenants what he's doing to you. Your within your rights to refuse.


                You would be entirely within your rights to write to him (yes, WRITE..) copy by email, keep copy of letter advising that you refuse permission for all visits, building works, inspections, surveys, viewings, whatever. He can apply to the court for an order to permit building works but is ..
                a) very unlikely to get it just for that (as opposed to, say, essential safety work) and
                b) not for quite some time anyway....

                You are also OK to change the locks, but keep the old lock to put back when you leave.
                I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                  Call the councils Tenancy Relations Officer - he'll be in the housing department. tell him what is going on and what you want. He may be willing to call the landlord and explain what his (non) rights are. Coming from someone in officialdom might make him listen.


                    I agree with Snorkerz and artful. The fact that he has booked builders and 'cannot cancel' them is his problem, not yours. He's a grasping blighter - don't give in to his demands.
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