Problems with Letting Agents and Repairs

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  • Problems with Letting Agents and Repairs

    (I have posted about this previously)

    I have just got off the Telephone after a rather heated discussion with my Letting Agents.

    I have been in my currently property 3 weeks today.

    When I took the Tenancy, the agents explained that they had not has time to complete all the work needed to be done, as the last tenant left the property in a state. They only rang me the day before I was due to move in/hand my old address back. And they asked me to change the date to a week or so later. I simply explained that I couldnt as I had nowhere to live or store my furniture in the meantime, I had paid a non refundable deposit on Removal Van and Booked time off Work.

    As I had no choice but to move in on the date that had already been agreed, I agreed that I would work round them to get the work done - IE allow access for repairs etc

    So far 2 carpets have been replaced.

    I did complete the majority of work myself - I finished off the painting, I removed the mouldy sealant around the bath and replaced it with new clean sealant. I deep cleaned the kitchen and bathroon as this hadnt even been done.

    My main problem is I have 3 Light Fittings Not working at all - All wasnt working when i Viewed but I assumed that the Bulbs just needed changing.

    When I moved in and found that the lights had even been checked to be working. I bought 10 replacement light bulbs. and for the 3 that still arnt working they are not your standard light bulbs.

    They where tripping all the lights in the house, and upon buying the NON standard bulbs and replacing them, I found that it wasnt in fact the bulb it is actually the fittings that are faulty.

    One of them are rusty which screams to me water damage. and the other 2 are corroded and scorched.

    I reported the light problems 2 weeks ago today and still nothing has been done about them. The Letting Agents sent round an Electrician who confirmed that the 3 light fittings couldnt be repairs they would need completely repairing.

    He told me to badger the Agents as from their own past experience the landlord/agents are too fussy about coughing up for replacement fittings.

    I have badgered the Agents with 4-5 emails and voicemails but only got a response yesterday when i finally threatened to get the light fittings/electrics looked at and replaced myself and intended on taking the fee out my rent, obviously following the correct procedure.

    I have received 2 email replys with blatent lies saying that ALL the lights in the house worked fine when they was checked before my tenancy - yet I had to replace 10 light bulbs??

    They are claiming that I must pay for the re-fitting of the light fittings because i have removed them from their place. I had to remove the covers to get to the light bulb!!

    They are also trying to blame me for other problmes caused by last tenant or make me arrange other repairs myself, claiming i should do it.

    I just dont like the fact that I am being made out to be a liar and making out that i have caused the light fittings to not work!!

    I do know the last tenant was DHSS and on the restriction of tenancy the landlord states NO DHSS - So i suspect the Agent hasnt told the landlord the tenant was DHSS - The house has now been trashed and the Agents are trying to prevent the Landlord from finding out the true extent of the damage, and that is why they are being so hardwork when it comes to repairs.

    Any Questions are -

    Should I be made to fork out to put damage right the last tenant did?

    Can I be evicted for complaining about the repairs/state?

    If, I did get served notice, would I have a case at court with the above?

    I have an AST for 6 mnths

    I like the house, I dont want to move but just need the electrics sorting

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    It is a sad fact that as you only have a 6 month AST, at the end of that 6 months the landlord can seek repossession for no reason at all, and a court case isn't usually required for this - and even if it was, the problems you cite wouldn't affect the decision.

    You are right to insist on getting the electrics sorted, and you are right in your assertion that the previous tenants actions are not your problem, but the more you rock the boat, the more chance of the landlord exercising his rights as above.

    Have you spoken to the landlord about this?


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      No - I dont not know who the Landlord is I deal with the Letting Agent.

      It seems that the Landlord is reasonable and actually wants a long term tenant (the last here for 3 years) as the letting Agent has mentioned 'the landlord wants to get the repairs sorted so that you are happy in the property' yet it just seems the Letting Agents are either scared the approach the Landlord about the repairs or they just simply cant be bothered


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        Okay, ask in writing for the landlords details - the agent has to provide them within 21 days - it s a criminal offence if they don't under section 1 of the 1985 Landlord and Tenant Act.

        Hopefully, you would get their response much quicker than 21 days. Then a polite conversation with the LL (invite him round) will at least let you know if the are going to co-operate or if you are going to have to go in hard


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          I had actually considered doing this anyway I think i will def do that now


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