tenants wanting to redecorate

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    tenants wanting to redecorate


    I am a first time landlord about to rent out my property. I have found a tenant through an agent, due to move in in a few days. The agent will also manage the place.

    Got a call from the agent saying that the tenant has asked if they can repaint the living room.

    This to me comes as a surprise since the agreement is only for 6 months and I thought it was rare in rentals?

    Any of the more experienced landlord had to deal with something like this?

    Thanks in advance


    Discuss this with your agent. Does he/she feel the decoratative condition of the room was satisfactory? I feel a good managing agent should have advised you how to proceed in these circumstances.

    What does your inventory and condition report, which should be endorsed by the tenant and yourself, state about the condition of the decorations of the room concerned?

    If the decorations are satisfactory and the tenant wishes to change them you will need to approve the colours and materials to be used and also state that the work should be carried out in a professional and workmanlike manner.

    It would be advisable in giving this consent to confirm (and get the tenant to countersign a copy of the letter) that the current decorations were considered satisfactory when the inventory and condition report were set out and that the redecorations are being carried out voluntarily by the tenant to meet his/her particular requirements.

    Otherwise you could leave yourself open to a claim from the tenant of the cost of materials and labour for redecoration of a room that was in an unsatisfactory condition.

    OTH if you have what seems to be a reasonable tenant you might prefer to keep this at a more friendly level and make and file a record of your discussion covering these points.

    Obviously if the decorations are less than satisfactory it would create goodwill if you to offer to pay for the materials.
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      Tenants wanting to redecorate

      Assuming that the present decoration is perfectly good, your tenants request is probably because they would like to replace it with something to suit their individual taste.
      You could ask what they have in mind and if you don't think it is an improvement on what you have now, you could agree subject to the tenants agreeing to restore the room to its original colour when they leave.



        I would not allow it especially as they have not yet paid any rent.

        Maybe if they prove to be good tenants (pay rent in full and on time and cause no damage) say in a year's time I would consider it. You should approve all materials and colours in advance. Tell them if it is not done to a satisfactory standard they will have to pay to rectify it. You should all sign an agreement for this or forget it. Keep control.

        For all you know they may move out within a month!

        Personally, no matter how friendly or how long tenants have lived at my property I would not allow it. I always do it myself. Be professional. This is a business.


          I'm with Poppy.

          Even if you approve of their taste in colours, I think letting tenants redorate is fraught with difficulties... OK, I know I'm a fussy bugger when it comes to decorating quality, but it's almost a given that any decorating done by a tenant isn't likely to be up to my standard. So come check-out time, regardless of whether I've insisted on the original colour being reinstated, I'm likely to have an argument on my hands over return of the deposit - and decorating quality can be quite a subject thing. Tenant - who did the decorating to their standard, and lived with it, will think it's fine; but I won't!


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