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  • Surrey
    Sorry, can you please clarify the dates, I'm a bit confused where September comes into it (so for now I'll just ignore that date).

    You wrote a letter to them dated 31st October, giving one month's notice. In normal circumstances, unless you delivered the letter by hand to them the letter would be deemed to be received 1st November. One CLEAR month would have to elapse, but as they only received it on 1st November, that would mean a clear month would start on 2nd November, i.e. one day too late. So your month's notice would have you in the property until 31st December, to allow the full rental period month to be 1st - 31st December.

    So I think you might have written your letter one day too late...

    DON'T take this as definitive answer, but I suspect that's the argument the agency would take.

    If it's a real problem for you, would you be able to negotiate an earlier leaving date with your landlord? I wouldn't hold out too much hope of it though, as December is not a busy period for moving.

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  • ellls
    started a topic notice period - help!

    notice period - help!

    We are renting under an estate agent.
    We were on an assured shorthold tenancy and i gues now we are on a periodic tenancy as we did nothing when the tenancy period ended. We gave our months notice on a letter date 31st October 2006. We ussualy pay rent on the 1st of each month. THus we stated we are providing our months notice, effective from Saturday 2nd September.

    They now claim that we have to pay rent untill 1st january. I cant find any advice on whether our notice is void due to te fact that it my view states that it starts on the day we pay rent.

    Any help?

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